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Why do we all need an Adjustable bed regardless of our age or health issues?

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Improve Quality And Continued Sleeping: A combination of WA Made Genuine Orthopedic pressure Relieving Cool Balance Mattress and adjustable base allowing you to fine-tune your sleeping position, ensure you stay comfortable and fully supported throughout the night simply by elevating your feet and head to your desirable position.

Zero gravity position: may reduce the pressure exerted on your spine, while relieving muscle tension and improving circulation to provide a deeper state of relaxation. Whether you’re sleeping, or in bed reading, working on your laptop or watching TV, your adjustable bed can adjust to provide the support you need, while reducing strain on your neck, shoulders, back and hips.

Snoring/ Breathing: elevating Head/Back area or Zero Gravity position can help free airways by preventing the weight on your neck from putting pressure on your windpipe. This will reduce or completely stop your snoring.

Relief from Back Pain: Sleeping on an adjustable bed will allow you to adjust the Bed to a position that is more natural to the contours of your body and remove pressure from your back. Elevating the head rest of your electric bed will add support to the base of your spine and help to keep the spine aligned. At the same time elevating your headrest slightly will assist in minimizing compression of your back during the night, which is caused by excess pressure.

Minimizes the need for pillows . By elevating the head rest to the right position you can choose one pillow that you are comfortable with, and that offers the right support to your neck. Preventing you to wake up due to discomforts caused by the height of the pillow or by the pillow being moved out of place during the night. Allowing you to get enough rest to wake up refreshed and ready for what the day will hold.

Relief from Joint Pain, Pressure & Swelling – Many people suffer pain & swelling as a result of poor blood circulation and pressure constraints. Our Genuine Orthopedic Gel Infused Memory Foam mattress conforms to your body and reduces pressure points which help blood circulation. By changing the position of your bed you are able to further improve blood flow depending on your condition. For example, raising the foot end can reduce swelling in your feet/legs.

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