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Electric Lift Chairs

Electric lift chairs bring many health and therapeutic benefits for users, and as an official NDIS provider, Barkers has a great selection of lift chairs for those in need. Electric lift chairs look just like regular recliner chairs but provide assistance for those who have difficulty moving from a seated to standing position. With an easy touch of a button, the electric lift chair gently rises and tips forward to help the user step off easily and avoid any muscle strain.

Our range of electric lift chairs can assist in promoting circulation and supporting posture through the chair’s design features. Lift chairs also reduce the need for carer’s assistance, which eliminates potential strain or injuries for carers who may use an incorrect transfer technique. This also allows the users to gain more confidence and independence without the need for a carer. Users can rest assured that our electric lift chairs will allow them to relax at home and not have to stress about any recent injuries or health issues.

Barkers Bedding and Furniture are happy to assist all customers with different needs to provide them with the best furniture they deserve. If you are considering getting an electric lift chair for yourself or are a carer looking to provide one, you can try out the display range in-store where we can help you choose the right one.

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